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The PCCSE exam is a certification program that tests the knowledge and skills of individuals in securing public cloud environments. This exam is designed for security professionals who work with Prisma, the cloud security platform developed by Palo Alto Networks.
The PCCSE certification is intended for security engineers, architects, and administrators who are responsible for securing public cloud infrastructure and applications. Individuals who pass this exam will have demonstrated their ability to deploy, configure, and manage Prisma in a public cloud environment.
The PCCSE exam covers a wide range of topics, including cloud security best practices, Prisma deployment and configuration, and managing and troubleshooting Prisma in a public cloud environment. Additionally, the exam also tests the candidate's ability to use Prisma to protect against threats and vulnerabilities in the public cloud.
Earning the PCCSE certification demonstrates a high level of expertise in securing public cloud environments and can open up new career opportunities and advancements for security professionals. It also showcases the individual's commitment to staying current with the latest cloud security technologies and best practices.