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The NSE7_PBC-6.4 Exam is a certification exam that tests an individual's knowledge and skills in securing public cloud environments. This exam is intended for security professionals who want to demonstrate their proficiency in securing public cloud infrastructure and services using Fortinet's solutions.
The NSE7_PBC-6.4 exam covers a wide range of topics, including public cloud security architecture, cloud security controls, and best practices for securing public cloud environments. Candidates will be tested on their ability to design, implement, and maintain secure public cloud infrastructure using Fortinet's solutions.
To prepare for the NSE7_PBC-6.4 exam, candidates should have a good understanding of public cloud security architecture and cloud security controls. They should also have experience working with Fortinet's solutions, including FortiGate, FortiWeb, and FortiManager.
The NSE7_PBC-6.4 Exam is an excellent opportunity for security professionals to demonstrate their expertise in securing public cloud environments using Fortinet's solutions. It is a valuable asset for professionals looking to advance their careers in the field of cloud security.