Question and Answer: 210

The EMC E20-260 Exam is a certification exam designed for implementation engineers who work with EMC's VPLEX technology. VPLEX is a storage virtualization platform that allows for the creation of virtual storage volumes, enabling the sharing of physical storage resources across multiple systems. The exam tests the candidate's knowledge and skills in implementing and managing VPLEX solutions.
To take the exam, candidates must have a minimum of six months of experience with VPLEX, as well as a basic understanding of storage area networks (SANs) and network-attached storage (NAS). The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and covers topics such as VPLEX architecture, installation, configuration, management, and troubleshooting.
Passing the E20-260 exam demonstrates a candidate's expertise in implementing and managing VPLEX solutions and is a valuable asset for those working in storage and data center environments. The exam is also a prerequisite for the EMC Proven Professional VPLEX Implementation Engineer certification.
The E20-260 VPLEX Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers Exam is a great way for IT professionals to demonstrate their proficiency in the field of storage virtualization, which is becoming an increasingly important aspect of data center management. By earning this certification, they will be able to show their clients and employers that they have the knowledge and skills needed to implement and maintain VPLEX solutions effectively.