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The CSeT-F is a comprehensive certification program designed to validate the skills and knowledge of testers who use Selenium for automation testing. The exam covers various topics, including Selenium WebDriver architecture, automated testing best practices, element locators, and handling different types of elements. It also focuses on testing frameworks, test data management, and integration with other tools such as JUnit and TestNG.
The CSeT-F certification provides a globally recognized standard for demonstrating a level of proficiency in Selenium testing. It is aimed at professionals who have a basic understanding of software testing and the Selenium toolset. The certification provides a stepping stone for those who want to further their careers in software testing and automation, and it is also beneficial for organizations looking to hire Selenium testers who have the right level of knowledge and expertise.
The CSeT-F certification is an excellent opportunity for individuals and organizations looking to validate their Selenium testing skills and knowledge. With its comprehensive coverage of Selenium testing best practices and its globally recognized standard.