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The C90-01 Fundamental Cloud Computing Exam is a certification exam designed to test an individual's knowledge and understanding of cloud computing concepts and technologies. This exam covers a wide range of topics, including cloud service models, deployment models, and cloud infrastructure. Candidates will be tested on their ability to identify and explain the key features and benefits of cloud computing, as well as their understanding of the different types of clouds, such as public, private, and hybrid.
The C90-01 exam is intended for those who are new to cloud computing and wants a foundational understanding of the field. It is also ideal for IT professionals who are looking to expand their skill sets and take on new roles within their organizations. The exam is designed to be challenging but not overly difficult and is intended to test the candidate's ability to apply their knowledge in a practical setting.
The C90-01 exam is offered by the Cloud Credential Council, which is an independent, non-profit organization that focuses on the development and promotion of vendor-neutral cloud computing certifications. The organization's goal is to help professionals advance their careers and promote the growth of the cloud computing industry.