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The AZ-801 Exam is a certification exam designed to test the knowledge and skills of individuals seeking to become Microsoft Azure administrators. This Exam covers various topics related to managing and implementing Azure solutions, including creating and configuring virtual machines, deploying and managing applications, implementing and managing storage, and managing and securing identities.
To prepare for the AZ-801 Exam, individuals should have a strong understanding of Azure fundamentals, including concepts related to networking, security, governance, and compliance. They should also be familiar with Azure services such as virtual machines, virtual networks, and storage, as well as with tools and technologies used to manage and monitor Azure solutions.
The AZ-801 Exam is designed for individuals who have experience working with Azure and who want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills as Azure administrators. It is suitable for IT professionals who want to advance their careers in cloud computing, as well as for developers who want to expand their knowledge of Azure and cloud-based solutions.