Question and Answer: 59

The MB-240 exam is a certification exam offered by Microsoft that tests an individual's knowledge and skills in implementing, configuring, and maintaining Dynamics 365 for Field Service. This exam is intended for professionals who work in roles such as field service technicians, field service engineers, and field service managers.
To pass the MB-240 exam, individuals must have a strong understanding of Dynamics 365 for Field Service and its related technologies, including the ability to configure and customize the Field Service module, set up and manage resources and schedules, and implement and maintain field service processes.
The exam covers topics including field service management, work order management, inventory management, and customer and resource management. It also tests an individual's knowledge of integration with other Dynamics 365 applications and the use of Power Platform tools.
Successfully completing the MB-240 exam demonstrates an individual's expertise in implementing and managing Dynamics 365 for Field Service and can lead to increased career opportunities and recognition within the industry.