Question and Answer: 50

The 820-605 Exam is a certification exam offered by Cisco Systems that tests a candidate's knowledge and skills in the area of Service Provider Mobility LTE Networks (SPLTE). This exam is intended for individuals who work in service provider networking environments and want to demonstrate their expertise in the deployment and troubleshooting of LTE networks.
To take the 820-605 Exam, candidates must have a solid understanding of LTE technologies, including network architecture, protocols, and services. They should also be familiar with the various components of an LTE network, such as eNodeB, Mobility Management Entity (MME), and Home Subscriber Server (HSS), and be able to configure and troubleshoot these components.
Candidates who pass the 820-605 Exam will earn the Cisco Certified Network Professional Service Provider, which is a highly respected credential in the field of service provider networking. This certification demonstrates a candidate's ability to design, implement, and maintain advanced service provider networking solutions and is highly sought after by employers in the industry.