Corporate/ School Licensing

Whether you are part of a training company, an academic institution, an organization with an IT staff or whether you are a channel reseller, the Organizational Sales Team at TroyTec is ready to develop a tailored solution suited to your specific training needs. Our solutions for certification success can put world-class TroyTec practice exams, TroyTec quiz reviews, TroyTec e-Learning online courses, TroyTec Study Guide document-based study aids in the hands of your employees or students..

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Student / Employee Training

In today's economic environment of reduced training dollars, training centers and academic institutions need to demonstrate training success to attract students. In the IT industry that means certification success for your students.

The Role of Practice Exams in Supporting Business Growth Practice exams play an important role in helping training centers and academic institutions strengthen overall results and help achieve goals and objectives. Offering practice exams to your students helps improve your students' scores, adds value to your program and can create incremental revenue for your program.

Why TroyTec

TroyTec is dedicated to helping IT students and professionals prepare for tough certification examinations by developing the highest quality exam preparation products. In fact , our exam prep solutions are the most in-depth and realistic in the world. The IT community has consistently voted TroyTec as the industry's #1 practice exam.

  TroyTec offers flexible and convenient modes of product distribution. Products may be ordered on electronic download delivery, or online access. The members of our Organizational Sales Team are practiced solution providers. They can develop a tailored solution suited to your specific IT certification training needs. We offer custom programs and significant discounts for training providers.


Attract more business to your internet site by offering the leading brand of IT certification exam preparation software. Take advantage of the fact that the IT community has consistently voted TroyTec as the industry's #1 practice exam.

Our legendary product features give your customers the edge to pass their IT certification exam on the first try! By carrying world-class TroyTec products, you'll have the edge in your business.

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