Question and Answer: 24

The M2020-621 Exam is a certification exam offered by IBM to test a candidate's knowledge and skills in the field of IBM Cognos Analytics Author. This Exam is designed for individuals who have experience working with IBM Cognos Analytics and want to demonstrate their expertise in creating and maintaining reports and dashboards using the tool.
To prepare for the M2020-621 Exam, candidates should have a strong understanding of IBM Cognos Analytics and its various features and functions, including report design, data visualization, and dashboard creation. They should also be familiar with the IBM Cognos Analytics authoring environment and be able to use the tool to create and publish reports and dashboards.
The M2020-621 Exam consists of a series of multiple-choice and fill-in-the-blank questions that test a candidate's knowledge and skills in the areas outlined above. Upon successful completion of the Exam, candidates will earn the IBM Cognos Analytics Author certification, which demonstrates their proficiency in using IBM Cognos Analytics to create and maintain reports and dashboards.