Question and Answer: 66

The E20-585 Exam is a certification exam designed for systems administrators who specialize in managing Data Domain systems. This Exam tests the candidate's knowledge and skills in configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting Data Domain systems.
The Exam covers topics such as Data Domain system architecture, data protection, replication, and disaster recovery. Candidates will also be tested on their ability to manage and monitor Data Domain systems using the Data Domain Management Center and command line interface.
Passing the E20-585 Exam will demonstrate to employers and clients that the candidate has the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage and maintain Data Domain systems. It is also a valuable addition to the candidate's resume, as it shows a commitment to staying current in the field of data storage and protection.
Overall, the E20-585 Specialist - Systems Administrator, Data Domain Dell technology Exam is a valuable certification for systems administrators who specialize in managing Data Domain systems and want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in this area. It is an excellent way to advance their career in data storage and protection and to stand out in a competitive job market.