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The DES-9131 Specialist - Systems Administrator, Infrastructure Security Exam is a certification exam designed for IT professionals who wish to demonstrate their expertise in managing and securing infrastructure systems. This exam is intended for systems administrators, network engineers, and security professionals who are responsible for designing, implementing, and maintaining secure infrastructure systems.
The DES-9131 exam covers a wide range of topics, including security best practices, network security, and security management. Candidates will be tested on their knowledge of various security technologies, such as firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and VPNs. They will also be tested on their ability to design and implement secure network architectures, as well as their ability to manage and monitor security systems.
To prepare for the DES-9131  exam, candidates should have a solid understanding of network infrastructure, security principles, and the various security technologies and best practices used in the industry. They should also have experience working with security tools and technologies and be able to demonstrate their ability to design and implement secure networks.