Question and Answer: 63

The C2090-616 Exam is a certification exam designed to test an individual's knowledge of the fundamental concepts and architecture of the DB2 11.1 database management system. This Exam is intended for individuals who are looking to demonstrate their understanding of DB2 11.1 and its capabilities, as well as those who are seeking to gain skills and knowledge in the use and administration of DB2 11.1 in a Linux, Unix, or Windows environment.
The C2090-616 Exam covers a wide range of topics, including database design and architecture, data modeling, SQL and XML, security, and performance and tuning. It is designed to test an individual's ability to apply their knowledge of DB2 11.1 in real-world scenarios and to evaluate their problem-solving skills when faced with challenges in the field.
To prepare for the C2090-616 DB2 11.1 Fundamentals for LUW Exam, individuals should have a strong foundation in database management and a basic understanding of SQL. It is recommended that individuals have some hands-on experience with DB2 11.1, either through self-study or through a formal training program. There are also a number of resources available, including study guides and practice exams, to help individuals prepare for the Exam.