Question and Answer: 67

The C2090-312 exam is a certification exam for professionals who want to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in IBM Big SQL. C2090-312 exam is designed for individuals who are proficient in installing, configuring, and administering IBM Big SQL, as well as developing and optimizing SQL queries for data analysis tasks.
Candidates for the C2090-312 exam should have a strong foundation in SQL and database concepts, as well as experience working with large-scale data processing and analytics. They should also have a good understanding of data modeling, data management, and data warehousing.
To prepare for the C2090-312 exam, individuals should have hands-on experience working with IBM Big SQL and should be familiar with its architecture and components. They should also be proficient in using SQL to access and manipulate data stored in IBM Big SQL tables, as well as be able to optimize queries for performance and scalability.
Upon passing the C2090-312 exam, individuals will earn the IBM Certified Solution Developer - Big SQL certification, which demonstrates their expertise in using IBM Big SQL to solve complex data analysis tasks. C2090-312 certification is highly regarded in the industry and leads to career advancement and higher salaries for those who hold it.