Question and Answer: 110

The IBM C2090-102 exam is a certification test that assesses a candidate's knowledge and skills in IBM Big Data Engineering. It is geared towards professionals who work with big data technologies, such as Apache Hadoop, IBM BigInsights, and IBM InfoSphere Streams.
To earn the IBM Big Data Engineer certification, candidates must pass the C2090-102 exam, which covers a range of topics, including data ingestion, data transformation, data analysis, and data visualization. The exam also tests a candidate's ability to design and implement big data solutions that can handle large volumes of data and support real-time analytics.
To prepare for the C2090-102 exam, candidates can use a variety of resources, such as study guides, practice tests, and online courses. IBM also offers official training courses that cover the content of the exam in depth.
Overall, the IBM C2090-102 exam is a valuable credential for professionals working with big data technologies, as it demonstrates a high level of competency in this rapidly growing field.