Question and Answer: 94

The C2020-605 Exam is a certification exam offered by IBM that tests a candidate's knowledge and skills on the IBM Cognos 10 Business Intelligence platform. This platform is a comprehensive business intelligence solution that helps organizations make better data-driven decisions by providing a range of tools and features for data visualization, reporting, and analysis.

To earn the C2020-605 certification, candidates must pass this Exam, which covers a variety of topics, including:

  • Designing and implementing Cognos 10 BI solutions
  • Creating and managing reports and dashboards
  • Working with data sources and modeling
  • Customizing the Cognos 10 BI interface
  • Providing security and governance for Cognos 10 BI

The Exam is designed for professionals who have experience with the Cognos 10 BI platform, such as BI analysts, developers, and administrators. By earning the C2020-605 certification, candidates can demonstrate their expertise in using Cognos 10 BI to drive business success.