Question and Answer: 65

The C1000-002 Exam is a certification exam that tests the knowledge and skills of professionals who work with IBM MQ V9.0. This Exam is designed to validate that individuals have the knowledge and experience necessary to install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot IBM MQ V9.0 systems.
IBM MQ is a message-oriented middleware (MOM) product that enables the exchange of messages between applications, systems, and services. C1000-002 is widely used in a variety of industries, including finance, healthcare, and government, to ensure that important information is delivered securely and reliably.
To prepare for the C1000-002 Exam, individuals should have a strong understanding of IBM MQ concepts, such as messaging, channels, queues, and publish/subscribe. They should also be familiar with common IBM MQ administrative tasks, including installing and configuring the product, managing security, and monitoring and tuning performance.
Individuals who pass the C1000-002 Exam will earn the IBM MQ V9.0 System Administration certification, demonstrating to employers and clients their expertise in this critical technology. This certification can lead to career advancement and increased job opportunities in the field of MOM and message-oriented systems.