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The CWSP-206 Exam is a certification program designed for individuals who want to demonstrate their proficiency in securing wireless networks. This certification covers the latest security technologies and best practices for securing wireless networks, including 802.11 wireless networks.
The CWSP-206 Exam covers topics such as wireless security protocols, security vulnerabilities, wireless security architecture, and risk management. The Exam also covers practical applications of wireless security, including the use of wireless intrusion detection systems, access control, and encryption.
To be eligible for the CWSP-206 Exam, candidates must have experience in the field of wireless security. This experience can come from working in a variety of roles, including network administrator, security analyst, or network engineer.
The CWSP-206 Exam is designed to be challenging and comprehensive, testing a candidate's ability to implement, maintain, and troubleshoot wireless security solutions. Upon successful completion of the Exam, individuals will receive the CWSP certification, which is widely recognized in the industry.