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The 98-375 Exam is a certification exam designed to assess the skills and knowledge of individuals who are interested in developing web applications using HTML5 and CSS3. The 98-375 Exam covers a range of topics, including HTML5 structure and semantics, HTML5 forms and input types, CSS3 selectors, layout and positioning, and responsive design.
To prepare for the 98-375 Exam, it is recommended that candidates have a strong foundation in HTML and CSS, as well as some experience with web development. It is also helpful to have a good understanding of web standards and accessibility, as these topics are covered on the exam.
Candidates who successfully pass the 98-375 Exam will earn the MTA (Microsoft Technology Associate) Web Development Fundamentals certification, which is an entry-level certification that demonstrates a candidate's ability to design and develop web applications using HTML5 and CSS3. This certification is useful for those who are looking to buid a career in web development or for those who are looking to improve their skills in this area.